The state of US health ain’t so good | The Incidental Economist


The state of US health ain’t so good | The Incidental Economist.



Let me summarize:  This chart shows the rank of the 34 countries of the OECD considering age-standardized years of life lost rates in 2010 for each cause (1 is best, 34 is worst).  The US ranks in the top group in stroke; in the median group (number of years lost indistinguishable from the mean) for self harm, cirrhosis, congenital anomalies, lower respiratory tract infections, colorectal, breast, kidney & pancreatic cancer,  and leukemia; and in the poorest group for ischemic heart disease, lung cancer, road injury, interpersonal violence, COPD, diabetes, drug use disorders, Alzheimers, poisonings, cardiomyopathy, HIV/AIDS, chronic kidney disease, other cardiovasculary & circulatory, and hypertensive heart disease.   There are 27 countries doing better than the US using this measure.  We are in the bottom group in 14 out of 25 catagories — best health care in the world my ass.

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