The Unofficial Paul Krugman Web Page

The Unofficial Paul Krugman Web Page.

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One Response to The Unofficial Paul Krugman Web Page

  1. Allen Edwards says:

    I really think Krugman is missing something here. The US being competitive on the world stage is a good thing. He needs to acknowledge that. Being competitive by knocking the other guy down is not the goal. Winning is not the goal. The goal of competition is for everyone to improve. He is missing that point.

    This is similar to Taylor saying that the fed should drop its goal of employment and just look at inflation. That just pisses everyone off. Never mind that right now the result of both goals is the same as inflation is too low because employment is too high. Taylors point is that if the goal had been inflation and not employment, the fed would have prevented the housing bubble and we would be better off now. That is a good point. But said in a way that just makes Krugman go crazy.

    I am thinking Taylor is going nuts with how crazy Krugman is saying competitiveness is not important.